Thursday, August 27, 2009

batch #1

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Free size - $5 only.
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

HELLO DARLINGS, hsin rui wanted to sleep until 2pm today but apparently not because I had to go for lunch. So I had buffet at Raffles Town Club with my relatives to celebrate mother's day. Nice catching up with them and food was quite good. Hah! DAMN, I suck big time because I only read my ICTS notes for 1 hour and I have quiz tomorrow ]: And great because I did not touch any books yesterday which means a day wasted. And damn I have been eating like a pig okay. Lol! Went to SCH to help out at the backstage yesterday for DES performance and it was quite a great experience. Had supper at Peninsula Hotel. Hah!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hsinrui is tired and is wondering why she answers to almost everything but does not get answers half the time. I am seriously tired and i want to scream all the shit I feel out. So someone, please listen to me before I break down. HAHAHA. But anyways, I was planning to blog yesterday but apparently I forgot about it so am here to update already! Had esscrm tutorial from 9am to 11am yesterday and I skipped dance class. I wonder how the newcomers did and if they enjoyed. HEH. So Alston Chenlu Jeffrey Johnson Junwei Lauren Shuqin Zhiwei & I went to the national museum of singapore after school. We had to do this NE group project so two of our groups went there! (: Went to The Manhattan Fish Market for lunch before that. HEHEHE. Went home and took some notes out then head down to Singapore Post to meet Kerwin, try to study but. So we chilled out at Coffee Bean and watched funny clips and listened to song. Then walked to some place aimlessly for dinner and stuff! HAH. Now at White Sands after two tutorials which I had from 8am to 12pm and I skipped my lecture today. & I am finally with my dearest SAFG and two of their other halves too. So happy, it has been damn long since we met. HAHAHA. Should be meeting maybe Garner and Vivi tomorrow for study session but not sure where to go and all that! ): And I feel there is something not right and it is bothering me a lot. But I cannot say it out I cannot...

hello rui's blog readers, i am vivian!

i'll listen to you darling.

remember you'll always have safg around!

cheer up alright. i cannot wait for priscilla and jac to come!

i love you much! take care, jiayou.

xoxo, xiao mei!

Friday, May 01, 2009

happy labour day and happy sweet 18th to teo kajie :D and i feel like shit because no motivation to do any revision nowadays. i have been feeling extremely exhausted and was busy with having to contact the first batch dance company's new comers. haha! i swear i am god damn tired i feel shitty. but then i would certainly die of low grades if i do not start revision. because foundation is the most important so i need to and have to understand lectures by hook or by crook. lol! which i apparently catch no balls right now damn it. hsin rui has so got to start her revision by tomorrow or she is dead. and she needs tons and tons of guidance so beloved bp class please help to motivate me if need be. haha! so i went to orchard to meet dajie and jiefu. and parents came over to meet us for dinner and we ate at pepper lunch. had dairy queen strawberry cheese cake blizzard for desert and i swear it tastes so good i would go back. okay nights! :D

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hello people and I swear I am damn tired now. So tired I feel like coming home right after school tomorrow but I apparenly cannot. I have dance cca and the first batch of year ones will be coming down for their very first practice.. Haha! Good game, I have class on thursday starting at 8am. First week and I predict I will be half asleep during the classes held then. But I will somehow have to get used to it because this will carry on at least for this semester. Lol! School was dumb, four hours lesson and four hours break. Had business finance tutorial which I caught no balls apparently and a 3 hours break.. Then marketing management lecture where I kept dozing and one hour break where we tried sleeping with feet all over. Haha! And finally, essentials of financial & management accounting lecture.. I kind of like this lecturer the most but still kept on dozing off damn. It must be the period and the weather and the after meal that caused me to be so damn tired. Lol! Took the mrt with jeff johnson junwei lauren and zhiwei. And I was too tired to be so enthu in whatever they were talking about. I was as usual stoning away half the time and I am damn happy I saw menlong after so long. Haha! I must say I quite like my current class now. Though I have not talked to all of them yet but they should be nice. Or at least I hope they would be nice and we would click well in our 2 years to come. haha! But damn, I still miss my beloved BH classmates much.. I miss Dzik Kerwin Pearlina Zuu and many many others practically the whole class )):

Monday, April 13, 2009

And again, I had to wake up at about 8am to prepare to go to NYP to settle some stuff. Oh wells, Yushan and I waited for Louisure to arrive and then met Ms Edelweis. We had to discuss a little about our graduation performance. Haha. Took a bus all the way to my condominium and it took me one and a half hours to reach.. [: Which also means I took the chance to take a nap on the way home. Erjie and Boyfriend came over not long after to swim. Lol. And thereafter, we walked over to Parkway Parade to chill at Coffee Bean or rather I watched them do so. Walked around, then stopped by at Gramaphone and they bought some english and japanese CDs! [: I am so so going to borrow Lady Gaga CD. Hahaha. Then went to meet my Parents Dajie and Jiefu at five star chicken rice at Katong area for our dinner. Ordered five dishes and a plate of chicken rice each and it tastes so good. I would definitely want to go back someday soon dude.. [: Lololol. And Amanda, so sorry I postponed the outing tomorrow last minute because my Erjie took day off to accompany me. And SAFG, I miss you girls!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Went to Paramount Hotel with my parents and dajie for their buffet lunch and I ate till I almost exploded! Some dishes were delicious but some were so-so only. And damn, out of all times it had to rain then so my poor jiefu came to pick us up. Hahaha! [: And we headed down to Parkway Parade to get chocolates. Parents and I walked around Isetan while jiefu went to have his lunch at the food court before joining us. Send us back to Seaview to get our car and left! Lololol.. [: Stopped by at the Starbucks near my house to pick Vivian up and she came over to put her stuff. Parents then sent us to Freddy's house for his barbecue! Oh wells, he was Kaijie's friend so we were kind of shy but thank god all his friends were friendly. Hahaha.. [: Parents came to pick us up and went to Starbucks. Oh yay, did I mention Vivian will be sleeping over? Whoo!